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Inviting and aesthetic food photos

Food photography is a fantastic area to work in because it speaks to so many of our senses. My great passion for photography and cooking come together in my work as a food photographer, styling and taking photos of food.

This could be for cookbooks, magazines, advertisements or menus, just to name a few. My overall goal in working with food photography is to speak to viewers’ minds and senses. Food photography is something special, as it is about "capturing the flavour" through the setup, lighting and presentation. My food photos are not only aesthetic, but also inviting, as I always work with a strong focus on the senses.

Because we eat with our eyes...

Inviting food photos are incredibly effective when it comes to capturing viewers’ interests and selling a product. There are few places where this is more important than in the culinary universe. This is because our senses, rather than our reason, dominate when we're looking for a taste experience.

The photos in cookbooks and magazines and on food products are vital, as they aim to arouse viewers’ interests by speaking to their senses through being eye-catching, aesthetic and - of course - delicious. My highest goal as food photographer is to make people almost be able to smell the food in the photograph. This can be achieved through co-operation between you and me, where we create the perfect environment for the food - either in the modern kitchen in my photo studio on Nørrebro or an optional location.

Shall we work together?

Are you dreaming of photos which will really let your dishes and gastronomic masterpieces come into their own? I don’t offer any package solutions; every project is based on the individual client and task. This way I can tailor the photographs to the spirit of the individual project so that they come to express and support the message that you want to convey to your viewer.

If you work with food, I feel confident in guaranteeing you that I can take your photos to the next level. Would you like to hear more about this? You are always more than welcome to contact me so that we can discuss your specific dreams and visions.  You can contact me using the contact box, at mikkel@mikkeladsbol.dk, or by telephone on +45 5192 5700.