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Aesthetic photos of furniture and interiors

As a photographer, two fields I have chosen to specialise in are interiors and furniture. My greatest passion is taking photos of food and interiors. In other words, my professional speciality is in lifestyle.

When photographing furniture and other interiors, just taking a photo of each product is not enough. It's about capturing atmosphere and mood in an overall impression which inspires the viewer. This is my main focus when I photograph interiors and furniture for home magazines, furniture manufacturers, interior design shops, designers, architects and other actors in the interiors industry.

With my extensive experience and passion for interior photography I can create a unique universe around each product, which shines through in the final images. This way the furniture really comes into its own, and you can be sure that the final result will reflect exactly the vision and message you want to send.

Success lies in co-operation

Working as a furniture and interiors photographer is a complicated art - but that’s what makes it so interesting.

When everything is just right, you can pull the viewer into your image and reach something they’re not expecting. I adapt my approach to each client and each project, and no part of my work is done by halves. In co-operation with stylists, artisans and designers we create a new and unique universe revolving around the piece of furniture or other interior being highlighted. This ensures we produce inspiring and evocative images which make the viewer feel as though they could step into the photo and experience a whole new space.

More than just photos

Photography of furniture and interiors is about more than just white walls, good natural light and high ceilings. It's about having an eye for detail and bringing it all together so that it makes sense to the viewer. Luckily, I'm an expert at doing that - without compromising your unique look and message.

If you dream of bringing your product and advertising images of furniture and interiors to life, I’m the right person to work with. Feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your project. You can contact me via the contact box, at mikkel@mikkeladsbol.dk or by telephone on +45 5192 5700.